Coming HoME


Coming HoME is a book, weaving personal story and the collective human story(ies). From the tapestry of my own personal life experiences, moving from victim to Hero in my own life and continually unfolding to the skill of becoming Master of “This One,” (Sadhguru).

My hope in these pages is for you to see the commonality of Me in You and You in Me, normalizing our human experience.

To inspire you to powerfully examine all that is unexamined in you and around you.

Show up and stay curious! Don’t settle for mediocre and sleep walking: wake up, Come HoME! A Life time of personal, academic, post graduate and professional study and deep curiosity of the spectrum of wellness and illness in the human spirit and Being ME led me to writing this book that you are ultimately reading today. In an attempt to make sense and transcend my/our often misunderstood, mislabeled, misdiagnosed, pathologized, judged, shamed, criticized, imprisoned and ultimately shattering lives.

My persistent inner fire is to continually learn with, discover with, connect with and co-create safe places and partner with all those I serve through the various transitions we find ourselves in, collapse of our assumptive worlds, threading the needle of transparency and truth, stitching and sewing our ways to transcending and transformation 100% ; As Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk (The Body Keeps The Score) so eloquently stated I am not interested in 10% betterment I am interested in 100% recovery of ME. And as Dr. Joe Dispenza (beyond belief) so eloquently states when the vision of our future is greater than the memories of our past emotions we create and transform our realities/our lives.

The loss of our assumptive world appears to be largely a result of the making up of our realities which our beliefs, values and identities are attached to. It appears these identities are established by the time we are 7 years of age.

This book is a trauma informed perspective that broadens the understanding of ME and the humans around ME giving us hope that ultimately, we can and we will transform if we stay committed and persistent and open to continued learning and treatment that will be outside the box of our conditioning and programming.

The exciting and continued reveals linking trauma, the brain, nervous system, neuro-science, Epigenetics, Quantum Physics, and Spirituality appear to be bridging the truth together to uncovering the true power of ME and the steps to truly Coming HoME. Moving from victim to Hero and Master we can now intentionally create the transitions and transformations in our lives we truly desire instead of being victim to circumstances that collide with our humpty dumpty realities. We are that powerful.

My business is the business of Life Itself, and helping you every step of the way no matter where you are in you Journey. Meeting ourselves and each other where we are at, breathing our way through each present moment as we find our way HoME with complete dignity and respect.


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